Dedicated Servers

We provide premium customizable servers at datacenters around the world.

Our Servers

All of our servers are fully customizable, find our base configurations below and customize to your needs!

CPU Model/Connection Cores/Threads/Cache Core Speed RAM Storage DC Monthly
CPU Model/Connection1x Intel Xeon E3 1230
Cores/Threads/Cache4 Cores, 8 Threads (8MB) Core Speed3.20GHz RAM8GB Storage1x1TB HDD or
1x120GB SSD
Monthly$51 Customise
CPU Model/Connection1x Intel Xeon E3 1270v2
Cores/Threads/Cache4 Cores, 8 Threads (8MB) Core Speed3.50GHz RAM32GB Storage1x2TB HDD or
1x240GB SSD
Monthly$82 Customise
Additional Ram (Single Processor)
8GB $11.77/month
16GB $23.55/month
24GB $35.32/month
Hardware RAID
Your Choice of RAID $58.87/month
IP Addresses
IPv4/29 Included
IPv6/64 Included
Additional IPv4 $3.92/month
Additional HDD Disks
1TB HDD $9.42/month
2TB HDD $11.77/month
3TB HDD $23.55/month
4TB HDD $27.47/month
6TB HDD $31.40/month
10TB HDD $39.25/month
12TB HDD $43.17/month
Additional SSD Disks
120GB SSD $10.99/month
240GB SSD $11.77/month
480GB SSD $15.70/month
1TB SSD $23.55/month
2TB SSD $35.32/month
Operating Systems
Windows Server 2016
Standard — 4 Cores
Windows Server 2016
Standard — 6 Cores
Windows Server 2016
Standard — 8 Cores
Snapshot Backups
500GB $5.89/month
1TB $11.77/month
2TB $23.55/month
Network Upgrades
100TB (1GBps) $70.64/month
Unmetered (1Gbps) $235.48/month
Unmetered (10Gbps) $1177.41/month
$196 Setup Fee

Ultra-Fast Networks, Powered by Pros

Receive world-class service when you deploy your app on VersoBit's Fully Managed Hosting.

High Performance

On-demand scaling ensures your website remains available and fast. Our support team automatically intervenes to mitigate high-intensity traffic.

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Nightly Backups

Nightly backups ensure your website and data are never lost or corrupted. Can be customised for higher traffic locations on-demand.

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Secure Infrastructure

Multi-layered firewalls, brute-force detection, military-grade encryption, and more keep bad actors out and customers safe.

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Instant Activation

By using a verified payment method we can instantly activate your services at the time of purchase, day or night.

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Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to proactively resolve service-level issues and offer experienced technical support.

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Reliable Email

A hassle-free email platform provides dependable and easy-to-configure mail services for all of your devices. Comes included with Bit.

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What Our Customers Say

Our clients are happiest when their websites just work. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure your website is optimized, responsive, and always online. Just ask our customers:

These guy's are so good we thought they were a hyper intelligent A.I. for years!

Matt Streeter

VersoBit goes above and beyond to ensure my website is running smoothly. It's been a pleasure working with them.

Nicole Ibechi
Nikki Vie

VersoBit provided us with not only the servers and hardware, but the knowledge and skills to develop our brand further.

Ashley Fellows

Larger scale? Custom deployments?

We can build, design, maintain, and roll-out fully managed deployments tailored for you, no matter if it's your growing e-commerce storefront or a large enterprise!

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